Maintenance Lockout Kit LG03

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Maintenance Lockout Kit LG03

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Part No.: LG03

Lockout Tagout kits

a) It is an industrial selection of lockout/tagout devices..

b) For locking off all kinds of circuit breakers, valves, switches, etc.

c) All items can be easily carried in lightweight carrying tool box.

d) Tool Box Overall size:410x190x185mm.

The components as below:

1. Lockout kit box (PLK11) 1pc

2. Lockout hasp (SH01) 2pcs

3. Lockout hasp (SH02) 2pcs

4. Safety padlock (P38S-RED) 4pcs

5. Lockout hasp (NH01) 2pcs

6. Cable lockout (CB01-6) 1pc

7. Valve Lockout (AGVL01) 1pc

8. Valve lockout (UVL01) 1pc

9. Breaker lockout (CBL11,CBL12,CBL13) 1pc/each

10. Lockout tag (LT03) 12pcs

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